What’s New in the 2017 AP Stylebook

What’s New in the 2017 AP Stylebook

Changes in the Photo Section Including Style for Caption Signoffs and Handout Photos

There are changes in the photo section of the 2017 AP Stylebook. The changes apply to caption signoffs for photos that are not taken by AP staff or freelance photographers. The Stylebook also updated their policy on handout photos, with new byline titles and updated language in the instructions field.

The caption signoff for photos from an AP staff or freelance photographer are different than all other photos. The signoff for these other photos is in parenthesis, the photographer’s name followed by a slash, then the source followed by “via AP.” An example of this is (Brian Gottesman/The New York Times via AP).

The AP has two types of byline titles for handout photos. They are HOGP and HONS. A HOGP byline title is given to a handout photo when it is determined that the picture is produced by a government body. A Hons byline is given when the photo is obtained for approved, story-specific use only. This includes family photos and editorial publicity photos that accompany stories about products, movies, books, etc.

When a handout photo is given the HOGP byline, the following language should be added to the instructions field:

AP provides access to this publicity distributed handout photo provided by . Mandatory credit.

When a photo is determined as a part of the HONS category, the following language should be used:

AP provides access to this handout photo to be used solely to illustrate news reporting or commentary on the facts or events depicted in this image. This image many only be used for 14 days from the time of transmission; No Archiving; No Licensing. Mandatory credit.