Persuading & The Process to Adoption

The ultimate goal of a message is to get a reaction from it. Public Relations personal communicate messages on behalf of organizations to persuade.

Here are five factors effecting Persuasion:

• Relative Advantage – The degree to which an innovation is seen as better than its replacement

• Compatibility – The degree which an innovation is seen as consistent with current values, experiences, and needs of potential adopters

• Complexity – The degree to which an innovation is seen as difficult to understand or use

• Trialibility – The degree to which an innovation is experience on a limited basis

• Observability – The degree to which an innovation are visible to others

Getting people to act on a message is not a simple process. The Five-Stage Adoption Process shows how people accept new ideas or products. Here is the module organized from being introduced to the idea/product to accepting them:

1. Awareness – A person becomes aware of an idea or new product, often by means of an advertisement or a news story.
2. Interest – The individual seeks more information about the idea or the product, perhaps by reading an in-depth article, researching the product, or visiting the Wikipedia page of the idea.
3. Evaluation – The potential consumer seeks information on the product or idea regarding his specific needs and wants. Feedback from people fits into this part of the process.
4. Trial – The person tries the product or idea through using a sample, witnessing a demonstration, or making positive remarks of the product or idea
5. Adoption – The person introduces the product to use regularly or embraces the idea

The process works differently for each person. Many don’t go through all the stages for a product or idea. The process could end at any step. Many people will be introduced to the process, only a few will get to adoption.

By: Brian Gottesman

Brian Gottesman is a Public Relations Executive with over 9 years of experience in public relations and publications. His work has been published in several network television, print and blog outlets including Fox News, CBS, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Buzz Feed and Mashable.

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