Persuading & The Process to Adoption

The goal of a message is to get a reaction from it. Public Relations personnel communicate messages on behalf of organizations to persuade.

Here are five factors affecting Persuasion:

• Relative Advantage – The degree to which an innovation is seen as better than its replacement

• Compatibility – The degree to which an innovation is consistent with values, experiences, and needs of potential adopters

• Complexity – The degree to which an innovation is seen as difficult to understand or use

• Trialibility – The degree to which an innovation is experienced on a limited basis

• Observability – The degree to which an innovation is visible to others

Getting people to act on a message is not a simple process. The Five-Stage Adoption Process shows how people accept new ideas or products. Here is the module organized from being introduced to the idea/product to accepting them:

1. Awareness – A person learns of an idea or new product, often with an advertisement or a news story.

2. Interest – The individual seeks more information about the idea or the product, perhaps by reading an in-depth article, researching the product, or visiting the Wikipedia page of the idea.

3. Evaluation – The potential consumer seeks information on the product or idea regarding his specific needs and wants. Feedback from people fits into this part of the process.

4. Trial – The person tries the product or idea through using a sample, witnessing a demonstration, or making positive remarks of the product or idea.

5. Adoption – The person introduces the product to use regularly or embraces the idea.
The process works differently for each person. Many don’t go through all stages for a product or idea. The process could end at any step. Many people will be introduced to the process, but only a few will get to adoption.


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