Corporate Vs. PR Firm

Recent college graduates often explore the pros and cons of joining a corporate department or a public relations firm.

A corporate department will give the recent graduate a depth of experience:

• Getting a corporate job is hard without experience. The job duties are narrower.

• At times, there is little variety at entry level.

• Growth may be limited unless switching employers.

• May be slower-paced.

• Heavy involvement with executive staff. The impact of your work is seen instantly. You are an important staff member.

• Expected to be skilled in all areas. Peers have little time to train you.

• At times, there will be too much time being spent on work for networking.

• Working with the same “client” all the time. An advantage of this is you’re familiar with the client. A disadvantage is it gets boring.

• There is less pressure. The work is for long-term results.

• Less turnover.

• There are more available resources.

• Higher salaries.

• Benefits are usually good.

• Position allows for more managerial and strategic planning.

A PR firm will give the recent graduate a breadth of experience:

• Experience is gained quickly.

• There is in the work and an opportunity to advance rapidly.

• Fast-paced and exciting.

• You don’t see the results of your work usually.

• Abilities get honed and polished.

• Networking, which can provide better job opportunities.

• Learn skills, such as budgeting, presentations, and establishing deadlines.

• High pressure to receive huge results on billable hours.

• High employee turnover.

• Limited budget and resources.

• Low entry level salary.

• Benefits are minimal.


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