Corporate Vs. PR Firm

Recent college graduates often explore the pros and cons of joining a corporate department or a public relations firm.

A corporate department will give the recent graduate a depth of experience:

• Getting a corporate job is hard without experience. The job duties are narrower.
• At times there is little variety at entry level.
• Growth may be limited unless switching employers.
• May be slower paced.
• Heavy involvement with executive staff. The impact of your work is seen instantly. You are an important staff member.
• Expected to be skilled in all areas. Peers have little time to train you.
• At times there will be too much time being spent on work for networking
• Working at the same “client” all the time. An advantage of this is you’re familiar with the client. A disadvantage is it gets boring
• There is less pressure. The work is for long term results.
• Less turnover
• There is more available resources
• Higher salaries
• Benefits are usually good
• Position allows for more managerial and strategic planning

A PR firm will give the recent graduate a breadth of experience:

• Experience is gained quickly
• There is a lot of variety in the work and an opportunity to advance rapidly
• Fast-paced and exciting
• You don’t see the results of your work usually
• Abilities get honed and polished
• Networking a lot which can provide better job opportunities
• Learn skills, such as budgeting, presentations and establishing deadlines
• High pressure to receive huge results on billable hours
• High employee turnover
• Limited budget and resources
• Low entry level salary
• Benefits are minimal

By: Brian Gottesman

Brian Gottesman is a Public Relations Executive with over 9 years of experience in public relations and publications. His work has been published in several network television, print and blog outlets including Fox News, CBS, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Buzz Feed and Mashable.