10 Qualities Employers Want When Hiring Public Relations Employees

There are 10 qualities public relations placement executives want.

Good Writing: Excellent writing skills are more important than ever.

Intelligence: Bright, clever, quick-witted are what public relations placement executives seek. As written in, “Six Abilities All Public Relations Practitioners Must Have”, public relations isn’t a haven for mediocre minds and lackluster personalities.

Cultural Literacy: Public Relations Practitioners are well-rounded and well-educated about the arts, humanities, and current events.

How to Recognize a Good Story: Placement and management of good stories that give organization visibility, build brand recognition, and enhance the organization’s reputation.

Media Savvy: Ability to work with editors in the domains of different deadlines, formats, and needs. Please read the article by Mashable, “The Future of Public Relations and Social Media”, to understand the relationship between Mass Media and Public Relations.
Contacts: Connections with people in the media, government, industry groups, and non-profit sectors. They can help you get crucial and timely information or/and make things happen.

Good Business Sense: Weave public relations into the overall business strategy. The PR professional must know how the business operates and a copious amount knowledge in the employer’s industry. This includes the need to link PR outcomes with the organization’s return on investment.

Broad Communications Experience: To succeed, a PR professional must have vast knowledge of all the PR tools from in-house newsletters to media and investor relations’ documents. Working knowledge of social media, video production processes, and online distribution.

Specialized Experience: After some general experience, a PR practitioner should focus on a specialty.

Fresh Perspective: Employers look for broad-based individuals with multiple communication and problem-solving skills.


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