Available Sectors for PR Practitioners to Find a Job In

This article will list, with descriptions of each, where public relations professionals can work.

Corporations offer the most – and most diverse – jobs in Public Relations. In corporations, the PR employee is usually focused on one public. An example would be an employee focusing on either employee relations, community relations, government relations, investor relations, etc.

Nonprofit Organizations and Trade Organizations:

Public relations’ duties in robust nonprofits or trade organizations are like those in corporations. They have several practitioners each focusing on a single public. There are usually no investor relations roles since the nonprofits don’t have stocks. Instead, there are PR functions unique to nonprofits, such as donor relations, fundraising, and member relations.


There are 4 publics that PR practitioners have to focus on in the Government sector. They are voters, news media, employees, and special interest groups.
Entry-level PR duties include writing news releases, responding to constituent concerns, and writing position papers that help politicians articulate their beliefs. Upper-level duties include speaking to reporters, writing speeches for politicians, and briefing officials on public opinion.

Public Relations Agencies:

Public relations agencies could be hired by a corporation, business, and person. Corporations who have a public relations team may hire an agency for something their PR practitioners can’t handle. PR Agencies could also handle all of the public relations for a client.

Independent Public Relations Consultancies:

An independent PR Consultant is essentially a one-person agency. They usually specialize in a particular area in public relations, for example, community relations.

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