How Hillary Clinton’s HIV Indifference is a PR Disaster

Take your pick of Medical PR Crises: The Former-President Clinton did nothing for the Aids epidemic while in office. He only started working to reduce the HIV-Positive after his presidency. The Clinton Foundation grants are largely given to people who will or did help the Clintons. Whether or not the donations are the much less effective alternative.

Arkansas, under Governor Bill Clinton, was one of the last half-a-dozen states to stop blood-donations from HIV Positive prisoners.  This led to one of the worst handled government relations crises of the time, and it was directed at the Governor. Two reasons for the disaster was dishonesty and late to address the problem. Documentation of blood donations were shredded. Leading to many investigations into the Arkansas administration and the over-turning of the practice in only the last year of the Governorship. The first comprehensive and sincere apology by President Clinton on this issue happened only during his presidential campaign.

During Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign this became a major government relations crisis. A crisis communication team has to study the environment the government relations messages will be sent. Bill Clinton’s campaign team realized they don’t have to worry about George H.W. Bush attacking Clinton for past HIV indifference in blood donations. Hillary Clinton’s PR Team underestimated just how angry fringe groups were over the indifference in HIV rates. They are accusing the Clintons of ignoring HIV Dangers during Bill Clinton’s Presidency, The Clinton Foundation and Hillary as a Senator and Secretary of State. These attacks are vital to Bernie Sanders’ popularity.

There was no sympathetic and comprehensive apology from Hillary Clinton. In government relations one message can be meant for more than one audience. A refusal to apologize sincerely coupled with multiple audiences effected by the message also allowed Bernie Sanders to surge in polls. Bernie Sanders surged in polls with a strong correlation of HIV attacks against Hillary Clinton.