How Hootsuite can Increase your Efficiency on Social Media


This article will talk about the social media marketing tool Hootsuite and its uses for over 35 social media sites.

Benefits of Hootsuite are as follows:

Hootsuite works with any web browser

You can download the app for your tablet device and smartphone

You can monitor your competitors on social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or your Google + account on a single computer screen.

You can create custom tabs for industry thought leaders, target keywords, and industry news

Hootsuite’s Pro and Enterprise plans let you have multiple users to your social media profiles without sharing passwords.

1. You can assign messages to specific team members for follow-up and track responses.

2. Every team member will use the same dashboard layout, so everyone is monitoring the same social media feeds.

3. Team members can also add custom columns to their own dashboard to monitor specific feeds related to their department or job function.

• Custom Analytics are available

• Create custom reports from over 30 individual report modules

• Track brand sentiment and follower growth

• Incorporate Google Analytics

• ly URL Shortener is built-in so that you can track click-through on links to get individual link and summary stats to measure the success of your messaging.

• Auto-update your profiles from your blog or news feed with RSS integration right into your Hoot Suite baseboard

• You can change the color and look of your Hoot Suite dashboard

• You can use Firefox and Chrome browser extensions, so you can integrate Hoot-Suite into your browser and quickly send links of web pages you are visiting.

HootSuite Dashboard – Credit:


Once you add Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ page, Instagram or/ and WordPress to Hootsuite you can add several different types of streams:

Profile Stream lets you monitor specific types of activities that are part of your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ stream.

For Twitter, the profile stream allows you to have several streams, such as Home Feed, Mentions, Direct Messages, Scheduled Tweets, Favorite Tweets, Retweets, and Retweeted. Hootsuite also gives Twitter users the following:

• Search Stream allows you to monitor words you want to be monitored.

• Keyword Stream allows you to monitor 3 keywords or phrases opposed to search stream. Also, if you monitor only one keyword (such as your company name), Hootsuite will allow you to archive all the tweets to do with that keyword. Twitter does not archive them.

• Lists allow you to create and monitor your Twitter Lists.

Profile Stream lets you monitor specific sets of activities on Facebook, such as News Feed (Most Recent, Status Updates, Photos, Videos – all can be filtered by specific Friends or Fans), Wall Posts, Events, Scheduled Messages, Search (monitoring words you want to be monitored).

Profile Stream lets you monitor specific sets of activities on LinkedIn, such as My Updates, All Updates, All Discussions, Most Popular Discussions, Company Updates, Scheduled Updates, Job Search.

Until now we’ve been discussing the free version of Hootsuite. Hootsuite Analytics costs $9.99 a month. It is a very powerful reporting tool that provides over 30 standard reporting modules and the ability to create custom reports.


Quick Analytics is part of Hootsuite Analytics. It comes with four prebuilt reports and the ability to create custom reports in the Quick Analytics tab. The following are the four prebuilt reports:

• ly Summary Stats is a summary of the links you’ve added to your posts or tweets, whose report says how many clicks each of your links received, and how many clicks you received in a specified date range.

This report provides a lot of detail. It tells you what country the clicks are coming from, the referrer of the clicks, and your most popular links. This is a great way to see what type of content your followers are interested in.

The Summary Stats Report


• ly Individual URL Stats gives you details about links that were tweeted or posted. It tells you how many clicks each link received per day. To make this report more informative add modules, such as “Mentions By Influencers,” “Profile Summary,” and “Sentiment.” Individual URL Stats Report


To end this article, I will list features of the free version and the $9.99 a month version of Hootsuite.

The free version gives you:

• Five free quick reports

• Five social profiles

• Two RSS feeds

• Ads are displayed on your dashboard

The Pro version gives you:

• Unlimited social profiles

• One free additional team member; additional team members are $15.99 per month

• One free enhanced analytics report

• Google Analytics integration

• Facebook Insights integration

• Opt out of ads

• Archive Tweets

• Influence scores

• URL parameters

• App directory

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