How to perfect your LinkedIn’s Information Box


The first part of your LinkedIn profile people see is the information box. The information box is by the top of the page and is slight gray. This article will be about how the information box should seem.

Use a photo specifically for a job search, sales, etc. The photo should have you with a smile. You should avoid a cutesy photograph. The picture should be of yourself by yourself.

You should create a great title. The stuff LinkedIn users see if they read your posts or search for your profile is your profile picture and title. You should avoid the default title, which is your job. A customize title helps people desire to add you.

A well thought out title is more desirable. A way to write a great title is to list your expertise. Examples would be:




There are ways to create a great title if you specialize with 1 area of expertise, such as write a sentence or two pitch that describes how to help people. If your target is localized, write the geographic area you do work. You should peruse LinkedIn profiles similar to yours to get a better idea of what you should write. If there is a very good title that fits you really well go ahead and copy it.

There is a website part to your information box. You may list 3 websites. There is a choice of titles for the websites in the drop-down, such as “My company” and “My blog.” At the bottom of the drop-down, there is “Other.” You should choose “Other.” It allows the website title to be very desirable. The website title you choose should be very desirable in order for people to go there! You can choose “Download a Free Real Estate Report” or “Get a Lead Generating System.”

You should customize your public link that you use to send traffic to your profile. When you first become a LinkedIn user the link will be similar to “” You should customize your profile to your first and last name. If your name is used you could add a middle initial or switch the order. You may also use a tagline to show of your skills. Examples would be: